The museum of the future in dubai has finally opened

The Museum of the future

The Museum of the Future in Dubai promises guests an immersive experience that will allow them to imagine everything the world has to offer! The Museum of the Future, an ambitious project of the Dubai Future Foundation, will open to the public on February 22, 2022.

Let’s take a closer look at what this magnificent calligraphy-inspired architectural marvel has to offer its guests on the interior.

The pillar-less architecture, which stands 77 meters tall and covers about 30,000 square meters, has already been named one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world by National Geographic.

The museum is not just an aesthetic and cultural phenomenon, but also a technological trailblazer.

The imposing structure in Dubai aims to investigate the future of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology.

The museum will serve as a venue for advanced seminars, specialist workshops, science discussions, and prototype testing of the latest inventions, in addition to being a tourist attraction.

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